About Human Weapon International

Vivek Teja has had a professional career in Martial arts for 19 years with a participation in over 20 international championships, Represented in 2018 CommonWealth. His most recent achievement includes a Gold meda in the US open international karate championship-2019 & 2018 which was held in LasVegas, USA.
Vivek Teja’s human weapon Martial Arts Academy teamed up with professional and Certified coaches and Nutritionists offers world class training covering all aspects from Physical fitness to producing  international, national and state level champions.
Our goal is to help men and women build strong and athletic bodies that can enable them to lead a healthy lifestyle.
Our major focus resides in Cardio, strength training, Martial Arts, Self Defense, posture correction, agility and mobility drills alongside mindful nutrition tips. These tips include information food types and eating habits.
A lot of our clients suffer with common injuries and niggles that has mainly erupted because of sluggish / sedentary lifestyle choices. We aim to provide a well rounded education about lifestyle choices/habits to our clients that can help them overcome these niggles in a injury-free manner.
Quickly and safely achieve your fitness goals under the direct supervision of a qualified fitness professional trainers.
Our personal trainers will help you decrease body fat, improve your strength and increase coordination, flexibility and muscular balance. You'll learn the correct way to use equipment and the appropriate form and technique necessary to maximize your results.
One of the key highlights of Vivek Teja’s Human Weapon Martial Arts Academy is the Self Defense training. Self Defense is one of the most important survival skill to develop in the 21st century. It not only enables a person to defend but practicing it in a disciplined manner helps an individual to discover his/her strengths and weaknesses alongside its many health benefits. Vivek Teja has personally trained over 19,000 women all over the world in Self Defense enabling them to live fearlessly.

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Men 90%
Women 70%
Kids 80%
Elderly 60%

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Our Team

Vivek Teja

Fitness Instructor
  • Awards: 61
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Experience: International champion


Fitness Instructor
  • Awards: 5
  • Fitness, Weights
  • Experience: 3+ years


Fitness Instructor
  • Awards: 3
  • Meditation, Yoga
  • Experience: 6+ years


Fitness Instructor
  • Awards: 5
  • Martial Arts
  • Experience: 13+ years
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